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30 March 2000

Dear Friends,

Can you help us send this to as wide a reach as possible? Or if you're
busy, may I then just ask for referrals on lists or addresses worth sending
this to? Salamat,

Would you be interested in going to New York 
and write stories on women and the Beijing + 5?  Then, read on quick...

Isis International-Manila is launching an exciting and innovative project
for 14 non-media, NGO-based feminists/activists. It's called the GLOBAL
WOMEN'S B+ 5 MEDIA TEAM at the UN General Assembly Special Session
(UNGASS)!! That means being in New York from 3-10 June 2000. But more than
just being there, the team will be gathering news and interesting stories
related to the BPFA process, and send these to both mainstream and
alternative media outlets. This is a great service to women everywhere.
It's keeping women connected, from wherever they may be!  

You see, this UN process called the Beijing Platform for Action Review
process (otherwise called BPFA Review, Beijing plus Five, or the B+5) is a
significant UN process for all women. Governments are meeting and
discussing what has happened since the last World Conference on Women, and
they will craft a document that will secure the gains of the first 5 years
of the BPFA, and develop strategies to overcoming obstacles in its
implementation. They will be talking about our lives, and we need to know
what they are saying. We need to let them know what we think, and feel, and

And it is important, very important that the women of the world know what's
going on. Isis-International Manila believes this. Strongly. In fact, Isis
International has been active in creating information and communication
linkages in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as globally. Isis helps
strengthen women's communication skills, including working with mainstream
media , so safeguards to women's right to know processes and policies that
shape lives are put in place.  

That's why, Isis International is initiating this pioneering project, the

Who can be part of the Global Women's B+5 Media Team?

Members of the GLOBAL WOMEN'S B+ 5 MEDIA TEAM will be selected from women's
NGO from various parts of the globe -- 6 from Asia-Pacific (West, East,
Southeast, South and Central Asia and the Pacific Islands), 2 from Europe
(Central and Eastern), 3 from Africa (Anglophone, Francophone and North),
and 3 from Latin America (the Caribbean, Central and South America).  

As writer-trainees, they will have hands-on training in gathering, writing
and disseminating news and stories related to the BPFA Review process to
mainstream media outlets. They will be tasked to prepare daily press
releases and arrange for radio phone patches throughout the five days of
the UNGASS meeting.  Other media activities pre- and post-Review periods,
such as report-back press conferences will likewise be part of the project

Stories written will be sent through national, sub-regional, global
mainstream and alternative media outlets, to help ensure that this powerful
medium is maximized in bringing B+5 news in a flash to women worldwide.
They will be linking women off-site to women lobbying on-site.  This
initiative, also has an ongoing online training component,  to enhance
women's skills in future media campaigns and advocacy that their
organizations might undertake. Sounds high-tech? Fear not. Project trainers
are known for their sensitive and popular approach to demystfying technical
stuff, so technology will be in women's hands too.

So, are you interested?

Then, if you:

* belong to a women's NGO, that is in some way involved in the BPFA Review
process and/or engaged in national/subregional women's advocacy; and that
this organization is either utilizing/or is planning on utilizing media as
a tool to further women's advocacy;

* have been a staff of that NGO for at least one year, and have a
commitment to that organization for at least another year beyond this project;

* not be a media professional, nor have had any extensive experience in
working in and with media;

* have basic writing skills in either English, Spanish and French, and the
major language of their countries of origin and good comprehension in English;

* be willing to do pre-, during, and post-UNGASS media information and
communication activities; and

* have the commitment of and support from her organization, that she will
be given sufficient time, space and access to resources to engage in
earlier described tasks and responsibilities.

You can be in. Please send the following documents on or before 5 April
2000. We need to hurry up though, 'coz we need to beat the 15 April 2000
deadline to register all team members with the UN DAW. So send us these
documents ASAP!
* a completely filled-up questionnaire (attached below);
* a brief letter of application;
* a short description of yourself providing basic data including full name
(as it appears in your passport), age, organizational designation, full
contact details (including email, if available), written and spoken
abilities, a listing of past training received, current work experience
inclusive of a brief description of your role in your current organisation;
* an endorsement letter from your current organization.

Applications may be addressed to:

Mavic Cabrera Balleza
Global B+5 Media Team Project Coordinator
ISIS International-Manila
No. 3 Marunong Street
Brgy. Central District
1101 Quezon City
Tel: (632) 435-3405/435-3408
Fax: (632) 924-1065
Email: <> or <>

Questionnaire for Applicants to the 

1. What is the significance of the BPFA to your organization's thrusts?
2. Is your organization planning to attend the UNGASS?
3. Does you organization have an ECOSOC status?
4. If yes, has your NGO registered with the UN Division for the Advancement
of Women (DAW) to participate in the June UNGASS?
5. Has your organization managed to secure funding to attend the UNGASS?
If so, will it be able to contribute in any way to your attendance? 
6. Is your organization part of a network doing work around the BPFA?
Which network is it? Give brief description of network?  What role does
your organization play in that network?
7. Should you be one of the team members, in what way/s will your
organization gain from your involvement in this Project?
8. Does your organization tap mainstream media in your
information-dissemination work? Can you share a little on this.


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