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Accreditation of non-governmental organizations that neither are in
consultative status with the Economic and Social Council 

nor were accredited to the Fourth World Conference on Women to the
special session of the General Assembly entitled "Women 2000: gender
equality, development and peace for the twenty-first century"


On 15 March 2000, the General Assembly took a decision (54/467) in
accordance with which interested non-governmental organizations that
neither are in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council
nor were accredited to the Fourth World Conference on Women and its
preparatory process may apply for accreditation to the special session. 

3月15日の総会決議 (54/467)において、ECOSOC協議資格がなく、また、第4回世界

Applications, containing the following information, should be sent to 
Ms. Koh Miyaoi, Division for the Advancement of Women, United Nations,
New York, NY 10017, USA, Fax: 212-963-3463; Email:, no
later than 5 April 2000. It will not be possible  to consider
applications that are incomplete or received after this date.

★申請書類は、Ms. Koh Miyaoi, Division for the Advancement of Women 宛に、

Information that need to be included in the application: 


   [i]. The purpose of the organization; 


  [ii]. Information identifying the programmes and activities of the
        organization in areas relevant to the subject of the special
        session and indicating in which country or countries they are
        carried out;


 [iii]. Confirmation of the activities of the organization at the
        national, regional or international levels;


  [iv]. Copies of annual or other reports of the organization, with
        financial statements and a list of financial sources and
        contributions, including governmental contributions; 


   [v]. A list of the members of the governing body of the organization
        and their countries of nationality; 

  [vi]. A description of the membership of the organization, indicating
        the total number of members, the names of organizations that are
        members and their geographical distribution; 


 [vii]. A copy of the constitution and/or by-laws of the organization;


[viii]. A completed pre-registration form prepared by the United
        Nations secretariat. 


A Committee composed of the Bureau of the preparatory committee for the
special session and the Secretariat will submit by 10 April 2000 to the
members of the preparatory committee a list of the non-governmental
organizations that submitted their applications for approval. The
members of the preparatory committee will have until 10 May 2000 to
decide on the accreditation of these non-governmental organizations
based on each organization’s competence and relevance to the subject of
the special session. Letters will be sent by 15 May 2000 to those
non-governmental organizations whose applications have been approved for
accreditation. These letters will be sent to the representatives of the
non-governmental organizations proposed to attend the special session
and listed on the pre-registration form, subject to the conditions set
out in the following paragraph. 



In view of the large number of non-governmental organizations invited to
attend the special session (approximately 4,000 organizations have been
invited in accordance with the previous decision of the General Assembly
contained in resolution 54/142) and recognizing the commitment and
contribution of the NGO community to the implementation of the Beijing
Declaration and Platform for Action, it is anticipated that a very large
number of NGO representatives will wish to attend the participation and
representation of NGOs in the special session. Safety and space
considerations, however, may require the Organization to limit the
number of NGO representatives who may attend the session to three or
less persons per organization. It has been advised by the Security and
Safety Service that the maximum number of representatives of
non-governmental organizations who can be registered to attend the
special session is 2,000. It is thus requested that each organization
lists its proposed representatives in order or priority in the attached
pre-registration form. Once the number of representatives of
non-governmental organizations proposed to attend the special session is
established, a final decision will be taken on the number of
participants per organization that will be registered. Confirmation
letters will be sent only to those participants approved for
registration to the special session. 

録可能な NGOメンバーの数は最大2000名だと保安部門から指摘されている。


したがって、代表派遣については、優先度の高いものから順に 3名までを記載し、

Please note that those non-governmental organizations whose application
for consultative status with the Economic and Social Council was
rejected or whose consultative status with the Council was withdrawn or
suspended shall not be accredited to the special session.


An international NGO Committee, "NGOs for Women 2000", has been
established to facilitate communication about the special session.
Members include representatives of the Conference of NGOs in Consultative
Relationship with the United Nations (CONGO) and the three NGO
Committees on the Status of Women (in New York, Geneva and Vienna);
regional NGOs; NGO networks; and NGO issue-based caucuses. For more
information on various NGO events around the special session, please
contact Ms. Sudha Acharya, "NGOs for Women 2000" Focal Point for
Beijing+5, Tel: (212) 986-6117, Fax: (212) 687-7352, 

特別総会に関する情報を広く伝えるために、"NGOs for Women 2000"というNGO委
員会が組織されている。フォーカルポイントは、Ms. Sudha Acharya。連絡先は上記

Please note that all travel and daily subsistence costs and arrangements
for travel, accommodations and visas shall be the responsibility of the
participants themselves.


Additional information about the special session is posted and regularly
updated on the Internet site of the Division for the Advancement of

特別総会に関する追加情報は、上記 URL に定期的にポストする。


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