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1. 国連登録済みNGOの参加申請: 3月末日までに参加申請提出のこと!
2. 新規NGOの参加申請: 4月5日までに申請のこと
3. NGO 事前作業セッションの案内 (6月 2日〜3日)
4. 米国政府ホスト委員会の準備状況→いくつかのイベントを準備している。
5. VISA INFORMATION: 米国入国にビザが必要な方へ
6. NGOオルタナティブレポート提出の最終呼びかけ→近々に世界NGOレポート作成

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IWTC Women's GlobalNet #140
Activities and Initiatives of Women Worldwide

By Anne S. Walker

March 15, 2000


On Saturday, March 11th, 2000, the NGO Coordinating Committee held an 
open meeting at the United Nations to discuss plans and preparations for 
the UN General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) for Beijing plus Five 
to be held June 5-9, 2000. Here are some of the highlights from that 

1. REGISTRATION OF ACCREDITED NGOs: Non-Governmental Organizations 
(NGOs) with Consultative Status with the UN and NGOs accredited to the 
World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995 will be able to participate 
at the Special Session, though in fewer numbers than usual (probably a 
maximum of 2-3 representatives only). Invitations will be faxed to these 
two categories of NGOs soon. If you have not received your invitation by 
March 17th, 2000, please contact Koh Miyaoi at UN/Division for the 
Advancement of Women (UN/DAW) for information and forms. E-mail: 
<>. Fax: (1-212) 963-3463. When contacting UN/DAW, 
please be sure to give your correct fax number, including country and 
city codes. The deadline for Accredited NGO Registration is March 31st, 

2. APPLICATION BY NEW NGOS: A resolution is before the PrepCom now 
meeting, and it is expected that it will soon be approved,  allowing the 
UN to invite NGOs that have been organized and active in follow-up 
activities since Beijing, to participate in the Special Session. An 
Application Form for these NGOs will be placed on the web-site of the UN 
Division for the Advancement of Women, <>, 
including a list of 7 attachments needed as part of the application 
process. The deadline for New NGO Applications is April 5, 2000. A 
Special Committee of the UN will review these applications and make 
decisions by May 3rd, 2000.

3. NGO WORKING SESSION June 2 - 3, 2000. The date for this session has 
been changed to June 2-3 for reasons of security. Sunday June 4th, 2000 
will see intense security activity at the UN prior to the arrival of 
Heads of State on Monday June 5th. 

Suggestions for activities to take place at the NGO Working session 
included: a)  Roundtable: inter-generational; inter-regional; 
inter-racial; b) Presentation and Discussion of Alternative Reports and 
a possible Global Alternative Report; c) Regional Break-Out Sessions; d) 
A Focus Panel on Violence Against Women. Other suggestions made from the 
floor included: a) Working Documents from the UNGASS to be made 
available ahead of time so that NGOs can be better informed re the 
Special Session; b) Computers, printers and photocopiers to be made 
available on-site for NGOs; c) A special event organized where at some 
point, women could call out the names of women not present who had made 
it possible for all of us to be present.

severe lack of space available for NGOs within the UN on occasions such 
as Special Sessions, -when all Member States participate-, and the 
expectation that hundreds, possibly thousands of NGOs will be coming to 
New York in June, a US Host Committee has been formed to plan for 
activities that will be open to all. Ambassador Linda Tarr-Whelan of the 
US Mission to the UN, speaking on behalf of the US Host Committee, 
announced the following:

a) Use of a portion of the Federal Customs House in Lower Manhattan (4 
subway stops from Grand Central Station, the nearest subway stop to the 
UN) has been granted to the US Host Committee. The Customs House is an 
historical building and contains a 350-seat auditorium and 4 break-out 
Rooms (2 large and 2 small). An ongoing film festival and possibly an 
Internet Cafe are planned. Plenary sessions will be relayed through 
closed-circuit TV from the UN to the Customs House so that NGOs can 
follow the proceedings going on at the UN: 

b) The US Ambassador to the UN (Amb. Richard Holbrooke) will be hosting 
a reception for NGOs and delegates at the Rose Center at the Hayden 
Planetarium, American Museum of Natural History; 

c) An Open-Air Event will be held on the Opening Day, possibly at Dag 
Hammarskjold Plaza;

d) Discussions are underway to mount a Teleconference on Thursday June 
8th for women worldwide to be able to participate in the Special 

e) An Open-Air Party, to be held either on Ellis Island (in New York 
Harbour) or at Battery Park (Lower Manhattan) is planned. 

The host committee is planning to launch their web-site by the end of 
March, where updates will be posted on all of their activities and 
events. URL: <>.

5. VISA INFORMATION: It was reported by Amb. Tarr-Whelan that the US 
Government will be sending information on the Special Session to all of 
its embassies worldwide, and that a system for applying for visas will 
be in place for all participating NGOs. Amb. Betty King at the US 
Mission to the UN in New York is the point person for any inquiries 
regarding this. More information will follow as it becomes available.

6. NGO ALTERNATIVE REPORTS: A final call for NGO alternative reports, 
-country, regional and/or organizational-, was made by Sudha Acharya, 
the CONGO Beijing Plus Five Focal Point. An NGO Sub-Committee will soon 
meet to look at all of the reports received and make a final decision as 
to whether a Global NGO Alternative Report will be attempted for 
presentation at the June Special Session. Please send your report to 
CONGO by e-mail or floppy disk if at all possible so that it will not 
need to be re-typed. CONGO email is: <>. 
If your report has been produced on a computer and saved on a floppy 
disk, please send a copy of the disk with a print-out to: 

Rebecca Nichols, Executive Director, CONGO, 
777 United Nations Plaza, 8th Floor, New York,
NY 10017. USA. 
Fax: (1-212) 986-0821. 

Reports received after April 15th will not be included in the planned 
Global NGO Alternative Report.
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