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グローバルネット第139号は、CONGO BEIJING+5 FACT SHEET # 2 の発信です。

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IWTC Women's GlobalNet #139
Activities and Initiatives of Women Worldwide

By Anne S. Walker

March 6, 2000


The Conference of Non Governmental Organizations in Consultative 
Relationship with the United Nations (CONGO) has issued another Fact 
Sheet on plans and preparations for Beijing Plus Five. The Fact Sheet 
contains information regarding the logistics of the PrepCom now underway 
at the UN and of the Special Session to be held June 5 - 9, 2000. New or 
changed information will appear in future editions.  

The Beijing+5 PrepCom has convened in NYC.  Resources for information 
>from the proceedings are available on several web sites, including: 

WomenAction 2000, a coalition of women's media and information groups
maintains a web site (  The site has a daily 
update during the CSW/PrepCom with information about the official 
proceedings, NGO events and resources including links to regional and 
national alternative reports.  WomenAction also has links to sites in 
Africa, Asia/Pacific, Latin America/Caribbean, Europe and North America.

Official documents can be found on the Division for the Advancement of 
Women web site <>. 

The Conference of NGOs (CONGO) web site can be found at: 

The NGO Committee on the Status of Women has launched a new web site 
under the name of WomenAct and this can be found at: 

Registration for the Special Session on Beijing plus Five in June must 
be done through the Division for the Advancement of Women (DAW).  
Contact DAW Information Officer, Koh Miyaoi via e-mail at 
<> or via fax at (1-212) 963-3463 for registration 
information and forms.  The deadline for registering is 31 March 2000.  
Please contact DAW as soon as possible.  The DAW staff is working at the 
registration desk for the PrepCom from 8am-6pm Monday through Friday for 
the next two weeks and therefore, you may not receive an immediate reply 
>from them.

LATE-BREAKING NEWS!! The Commission on the Status of Women, at a special 
session called to discuss accreditation for NGOs, has decided that NGOs 
formed AFTER Beijing (1995) may now register for the Special Session.  
Contact Koh Miyaoi at or via fax at (1-212) 963-3463 for 
information and registration.  

There is much discussion about the need to limit the number of
representatives each organization can register for the Special Session.  
No final decision has been made on this point.  However, the NGO Section 
and the Division for the Advancement of Women have recommended that NGOs 
list their representatives in order of priority just in case they need 
to limit representative to a small number of people from each 

The NGO Working Session will take place on 2-3 June (Friday and 
Saturday).  This was changed from the original schedule.  Many of the 
details will be finalized in the next few weeks.  We will send you more 
information about the Working Session as soon as possible.  In the 
meantime, please save the afternoon and evening on Friday 2 June and all 
day on Saturday 3 June for the NGO Working Session.  There are no 
registration forms available yet; information about registration will be 
sent to you soon.

Many other events will be occurring in New York City during the Special 
Session.  We will have more information about those events and/or web 
sites for information about those events soon.

The correct address for this website is: 

World March of Women: This global campaign is sponsored by more than 
3,400 organizations in 146 countries, and will be formally launched on 
March 8th, 2000 to call attention to poverty issues worldwide and 
violence against women. It will focus in particular on the case 
currently before the Organization of American States (OAS) court which 
aims to hold the United States accountable for economic human rights 
abuses being caused by downsizing and welfare reform. For more 
information, please contact World March for Women, headquartered in 
Montreal, Canada. E-mail: World Wide Web: 
<>. Tel: (1-514) 395-1196: 
Fax: (1-514) 395-1224:
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