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IWTC Women's GlobalNet #138
Activities and Initiatives of Women Worldwide

By Anne S. Walker and Joy Wong 

March 3, 2000


Women worldwide will be celebrating International Women's Day (IWD)on 
March 8th, by marching, demonstrating, undertaking exhibitions of 
women's work, and in many cases, lobbying their governments at home and 
at the UN to implement the actions outlined in the Beijing Platform for 

In New York, IWD falls in the middle of the final Preparatory Committee 
(PrepCom) for the UN General Assembly Special Session for Beijing Plus 
Five. Hundreds of women are here from all world regions, working in 
caucuses and other work groups in an effort to have input into the final 
review document to be presented at the Special Session in June. A more 
detailed report on the conclusions reached at the PrepCom will come 

This issue of Globalnet highlights some of the happenings that we know 
of that are planned for IWD 2000. To everyone, we send greetings on this 
special day for women everywhere, and hope that it will be a day of 
peace, joy and strategizing! 

1. United Nations Town Hall Meeting: The theme for IWD 2000 at the UN is 
peace and conflict resolution , and a  "Women Uniting for Peace" panel 
and discussion will be held at UN headquarters in New York, showcasing 
innovative conflict resolution strategies of peacemakers in Colombia, 
Sierra Leone, Angola and Sri Lanka. The event will be held from 10AM to 
12PM in Conference Room 4, United Nations, New York, USA. You need a 
photo ID to attend. Contact the NGO Department of Public Information at 
(212) 963-7234 for more information about the event.

2. Media Women to Assume Editorship for the Day: UNESCO is calling for 
media women to assume editorship of major media outlets on March 8th, to 
draw attention to the thick glass ceiling that continues to exist for 
women in media.  For more information, visit UNESCO's web-site at: . 

3. World March of Women: This global campaign is sponsored by more than 
3,400 organizations in 146 countries, and will be formally launched on 
March 8th, 2000 to call attention to poverty issues worldwide and 
violence against women. It will focus in particular on the case 
currently before the Organization of American States (OAS) court which 
aims to hold the United States accountable for economic human rights 
abuses being caused by downsizing and welfare reform. For more 
information, please contact World March for Women, headquartered in 
Montreal, Canada. E-mail: World Wide Web: Tel: (1-514) 395-1196: Fax: (1-514) 

4. Global Women's Strike: The International Wages for Housework 
Campaign, the National Women's Council of Ireland, and the International 
Women's Count Network, along with over 50 participating countries, are 
calling for a global women's strike on March 8th, 2000 to make visible 
women's undervalued contribution to the world's societies and economies. 
The strike aims to increase awareness of women's work and bargaining 
power for pay equity, welfare benefits, childcare, etc. For more 
information, visit their web-site at: http://www. This web-site also features personal 
testimonials by women about their workloads and reasons for supporting 
the strike.

5. Special Television Programmes: The Women's Television Network (WTN) 
of Canada will be presenting four programmes to celebrate "the First 
International Women's Day in New Millennium". The programmes include: 1) 
Women Being, a twelve part series starting Monday, March 6 at 6PM 
Eastern Standard Time (EST); 2) Heidi Chronicles on Monday, March 6th at 
9 PM (EST); 3) The Pill, on March 8th at 9PM (EST) and 4) Women of 
Islam: The Veil & Fear, on March 9th at 10PM (EST).  For more 
information, call:  (1-800) 749-8688 or visit the WTN web-site at: .
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