Subject: [fem-women2000 178] [B5NGONEWS] Health Caucus 29.02.00
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Subject: [B5NGONEWS] Health Caucus 29.02.00

Health Caucus 29.02.00

A. General information
The caucus was chaired by Shireen Lee, about 20 women attended, among
them 2 (older) representatives of Soroptomist Intl. and of the Intl.
of University Women interested in youth issues. There were young women

Western Europe (Netherlands, Germany), the US, Canada, 4 women from
Latin America, 1 from Japan, one Egytpian located in NY, the
of African women was stated. The initators are collecting testimony of
from other regions. Many of the participants covered health or
rights issues.

It was agreed to meet after the youth caucus in a small group of those
are interested to prepare a statement and to decide on a spokesperson
should not be from the US) for the tomorrow NGO intervention. It was
suggested to formulate a rather general statement including:

1) the claim that young women have to be recognized as individuals with
rights rather than as a problem or a risk (which the CSW tended to do
from a
health point of view)

2) indicating why young women need to be addressed specifically (f.e. by

collection of youth specific statistical data)

3) to stress the necessity of participation of young women

B. Concrete information
The contact person for the youth caucus is Shireen Lee, she indicated
e-mail address:

The youth caucus decided to meet every day this week at 1:30 p.m., at
conference room 1 (on the balcony)

The plan is to formulate a platform to address young women's issues next

monday (i.e. March 6)

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