Subject: [fem-women2000 171] CSW44 NGO briefing Friday, March 3rd 2000 -notes
From: lalamaziwa <>
Date: Sat, 04 Mar 2000 06:24:53 -0500
Seq: 171

CSW44 NGO briefing Friday, March 3rd 2000 -notes

(for information only)
notes from NGO briefing Wednesday, Mar 1st, 2000 .. by lalmaziwa
(parts of the note may not be complete)

african- 5 areas

- decision making
- hiv/aids
- human rights
- women in armed conflict
- globalization and poverty

want to set up inter-regional caucus to lobby G77.

Passport - goto security

Caucus List = find them in Lobby and registration area.
submit form for annoucement and room request 
conference Room B

Briefing for NGOs regional Commission rm 3127 (1:30-300)

church center monday 
ICFTU/Public service 

EU 4-5 pm

European/Portugese presidency inviting european ngos for briefng
12:00 86 2nd avenue dag hammergjord plaza (20-35 persons)

arab caucus - violence in new millenia
12:00-2:00 church center 2nd floor

regional bicman hall ??
4-6 room 22a

unifem strategy/business plan (not today)

neelam=inda, taskforce

many resolutions made in yesterday's deliberaton. how can we access

rebecca= congo would like to circulate them if we can get hold of them.
can copy for distribution in room B but need help in getting hold of

vaw please insert - honor killing, 
jordan has put in a law, it is not clear if the law is implemented or

Regional reports now availabe
E/CN/2000/PC6/add.1 - Add.5

Dorotha Githas DAW briefing

Prepcom - concluded CSW yesterday with resolutions.
now we are enetering challenging negotiations leading to June 2000.

Outcome - beijing +5 sessions

Question of negotiation

10:00 official opening, general debate
2nd panel will follow up on emerging issues
tuesday - full speed to the negotiations.

two docs will constitute outcome of the B+5 
 - draft political declaration
   there are three outstanding paragraphs 
 - L1/Rev.1 = the 22 Feb 
   difficult and very messy because there was proposed text by chari
person perpared by devision with recommendation and ###. then comments
were inserted by January.

- text of chair person, ammendments suggested by different groups
"action and initiative " don't have inserts which means comments will be
submitted now through the regions (juscanz, G77, EU, other groups ) 
- in writin by countries as we go

1st - introduction 
2nd - achievements and obstacles
3rd - new current challanges (inserts not complete)
4th - 

will discuss with the bureau how to facilitate the process, 
removing pragraphs, and brackets... pararell negotiations, split working
groups, etc.  night sessions, splitting groups, translations etc are
factors that influence the modality of negotiation.

Q: will ngos be able to participate?
A: certain decisions will be made by the bureau.
   groups and negotiations decide. traditional rules apply but you have
to follow the session.

CONGO 212-986-8557 -- let us know if you want to participate or have
suggestion on how to coordinate, how to be more effective and productive
now and through the special session.

list of topics Panel discussion Monday - see the agenda
1. peace conflict resolution,
2. question of 

gender an human rights, hungary
globalization and poverty

experts will define the topics
division is ready to provide briefing on daily basis
if there is particular issue of interest, let us know in advance

africa caucus 4:00- 5:00 church center

subcommittee to handle the NGO briefing
sudha acharya - global
sara longwe  - africa
pam rajput - asia pacific
lydia alpizar - laten america
charlotte bunch  - north america
lenata bloem -  ece
leslie wright    - ny

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