Subject: [fem-women2000 167] CSW44 NGO briefing Wednesday, March 1st 2000 -notes
From: lalamaziwa <>
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2000 15:42:50 -0500
Seq: 167

(for information only)
notes from NGO briefing Wednesday, Mar 1st, 2000 .. by lalmaziwa
(parts of the note may not be complete)

Women Action web site wil carry NGO interventions *if* they are handed in.
Bring them over to Internet Cafe at 12th floor Church Center or email to

NGO Briefing are in central location to communicate but please hand them
in a written format for annoucement. Note:
Claire is organizing space for caucuses
Rebecca Nicoles, CONGO is organizing meeting spaces in Church Center
Koh Miyaoi, DAW is organizing meeting spaces in the UN compound

For information on Caucuses, goto WomenAction's Internet Cafe at 12 th
floor Church Center -- look out for compiled list to appear on 
"Daily NEWS" which are distributed in Room B, Internet Cafe, etc.

Poverty = Conf Room D, 10:00 AM
Older women = Conf Room 1, 1:30 PM
Lesbian Conf Room B, 3:00 PM
Francophone Global = Conf Room B, 4:00 PM
Indigenous organizational meeting, 4:00-5:00 PM in Cafeteria
Economy Caucus drafting = Conf Room B after NGO Briefing
NGO workshop on ECOSOC Consultative Status = Conf Room B, 1:15 PM
Education/Research/Training = Dag Hammarskjord Room 4:00 PM (2nd March)
Girls Caucus = UNICEF House 1st Floor Exhibit Center = 1:15 PM
Women in Armed Conflict = no meeting on 1st March
Women and economy drafting conf rom b
poverty conf b
1:15 ecosoc ngo section = about status and cONGO conf room b 
1:30 old women
1:30 health 10th fllor church
4:00 pm indeginous  
5-6 coalition in support of bp conf room b
5-6 africa  8th floor boss room  
migrant women venna cafe morning
japanese gov briefing = 6pm in cafeteria (every friday)
environment caucas meets in room B
ECE caucus thursday 5-6 conf room B
globalization today 1:15 dag hammerjord
women's world march harde room 11th church 2-3
ILO Convention on Treaty and Protection = 11th Floor Church Center 11:00 AM

NGO Committee on status of women in collaboration with others will host
International Women's Day Reception on March 6th, 6:00-8:00 PM

US Delegation Briefing = 2:00-3:00 daily at the Chapel

email address for womenaction =

For those meeting on in-promptu basis in conf room 1, there's capacity
for 4 gorups to meet simultaneously but pls be considerate at sharing

NGO intervention
we have spoken too long.
without speaking to the chair.

chair wanted to have governments speak first.
she did not mean to say that ngo spoke too long but she possibly meant
that she wanted to have government speak first. the chair must have been
taking suggestions from the secretariat and are still tring to clarify
what she meant.

On panel presentations, we are expecting 3-4 government interventions
with possibility for one slot for NGO. Time available will be no more
than two minutes. Topics of the intervention have to be to the point to
the issue. To request for a slot, write down your organization, name of
rep, and what the intervention is about. The intervention is not
expected to be pre-written one and it is necessary to speak to the point
to the issue. 

Q: how can you make comments before listening to the panel?
A: if you already have something to say on HV/AIDS or new roles of women
at work (the panel topics) then that can be written but it basically is
not supposed to be a written statement.
See agenda for the topic for panel : eg (1) women at work (2) hiv/aids
(3)gender justice and peace technology (4) challanges to the implementation
of cedaw. would be good if we can let those caucuses that did not have
opportunity before.

Women's federation quebeck on "women's march"
the march is now happening in 145 countries and 300,000 women
participating. it is march against poverty and vaw.
next fall 145 countries 75 orgs are organizing at national level to
complaint to national governments, then at the global leverl to un, imf
and world bank.

next autmn, when national level activities are done, women will come on 
oct 17th 2000 to have a multi-national meeting in front of the un. kofi
annnan has already committed to meet one delegation per country from 145
countries and try to commit himself in certain ways. since this meeting
is happening after the b+5 is intersting that we can push governments to
answer our demands in such a way.  this will give voice to women without
voice to those women who otherwise do not have voice. all women at home
will be provided opportunity to participate. march 8th on IDW will be
beginning of march when cards are sent to un. women will be on street
and at the United Nations. 

in year 2000 for women ther'll be at least 2 important evnets which are
B+5 and Global March. you are invited to workshop on Global march 2:00
pm 11th floor at the church center.

june zeiklin (wedo) on consolidated NGO input to the Outcome Document

we do have copies of the revised/suggested revision to the outcomes
document. 100 ngos have signed on already.
we will have it available here and then at the Linkage Caucus.
we are interested in getting more support for the document.
new coversheet will be made friday. Deadline for expressing support
would be 3:00 Thursday.

caucus meeting information.
please see conference room b / 2nd floor the church center.


outcome document = available at 2nd floor church center, some also
available at the registration area.

do not sit at the basement floor seats designagted to governments

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