Subject: [fem-women2000 164] CSW44 NGO briefing Tuesday, Feb 29, 2000
From: lalamaziwa <>
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2000 00:21:30 -0500
Seq: 164

notes from NGO briefing Tuesday, Feb 29, 2000 .. by lalmaziwa
(parts of the note may not be complete)

Briefing on PrepCom process by Charlot Bunch
exuecutive committee for PrepCom
Women Action to print it out.

1.Rose Odera (Kenya)
2.Patricia Flor (Germany)
3.Christine Kapalata (Tanznia)
4.Sonia Leonce-Carryl (St.Luchia)
5.Monica Martinez (Ecuador)
6.Kristen Mlacak (Canada)
7.Rasa Ostrauskaite (Lithuania)
8.Dubravka Simonovic (Croatia)
9.Asit Bhattacharjee (India)
10. Msako Kaji (Japan)

for the PrepCom segement of the CSW, Chair of the burau will be
recommending to the governments to work in two groups of informals.
No modificaiton to agenda has been proposed so far, thus it stays as
is proposed in the preliminary agenda.

while governments work in informals, the ngos can be present. unless the
government objects and request that it be "informal informal".
They usually put up sign saying it is closed but we recommend that you go in and observe.

How NGOs will be able to participate?
NGO have to make input through your government.
For the `Panel 1. CSW segment, Panel 2. Prepcom segment
the panel was introduced after beijing. the civil society expert, un and
government experts givfe presentation have a dialogue after the panel,
there ngos could be asked to participate. however, our ability to speak
there is uncertain since bureau is concerned with time.
it would be good to make input to governmenets what we want to be
brought up.

esp. on march 6th, we are not certain how much time there will be.
they want to start drawing up a list of ngos that will be on the
government delegation, so let us know.


NGOs come from all over the world. we must work together. having to
coordinate should not be the case. (applause)

A. ever growing outcome paper.
ngos could aim for goood outcome.

Q. pepole don'T have time to discuss things.
sure there is responsibility to read the documnmets, but lots of inputs
made during the regional process is just not there.
A.the spirit ther is to allow for ngo participation. the decsion is to
let ngos make interverntion today-not tomorrow around 1:15-2:45.
the government want us to make inputs quick.

committe for bpfa s collecting inputs
line-by-line ngo output to the outcome document.

member of the coalition in support fo the bpfa - 60 - 70 ngos tryiong to
pull together an ngo input put together. it is an independent private
body center for women's leadreshiop, wedo, cneter for peace and
women,etc has been coordinating.  we tried to put together comments to
the output document as soon as the output document became available.
the result will be available in Room B. 
we will be using Room B for the next 2 weeks during 5:00 - 6:00 PM for
the feed back purpose. the document will also  be available on
womenaction site for feed back online.

60- 70 groups have brought back lots of inputs but suggest everyone to
come with their regional inputs to make this line-by-line comments

eg ECE feedback ..
many governments had pointed to regional meeting as successful, we
should take advantage of this.

new up date on caucus

10 room b education
youth caucus, human rights caucus - conf 1
girl caucus - no meeting today
linkage 500-600 room B 
decision making - every day 2:30-4:00 2nd floor church center
vaw - hamaskold 
regional caucuas -12-1 (ap -10th) africa (4-5 10th) arav (3-6 10th)
institutional mechanism 2:15 conf room 1
poverty caucus room d - 11:00 am
indeginous caucus every day 3-4 pm glooming room 8th floor 
health caucus/hiv aids caucus joined 1:30 church center 8th floor (tues,
asia-pacific: ngo making intervention 12:00-1:00 will not make place
today for intervention possbilty.

EU caucus - tuesday 500-600 unifem conf room 15th undp ff bulding
334E54th st (unifem building)

1:15-2:45 UN briefing on regional meetings

all updates should go into the newsletter.

rebecca nichles
daniel share eng-spa 
========= fre-eng

ngo committe on status of women made ngo for information made blue
packet. get them on 2nd floor of church center.

church center is functioning as quasi-hospitality center so bring over
your materials.

update of ngo paralell activities will be there. give information to

modestly sized internet cafe available on 12th floor church center.
they also produce the ngo news letter but input should come by middle of

modest media consoecium is set up. more information should be up and
availble in mid-week.

conf room b is our documents room. soloptimist have provided support in
keeping the room neat. we'll get papers in bulk, so please assist in
keeping the document neat. pink books are also on 2nd floor.

dag-hamajkold room - is past the double door past post office end of

announcement, to be brought in in 
la 3-4
arme 3:15-400 
women in migraation  meets  soon after ngo briefing
american nuns
us briefing every day 2-3 pm church
soloptimist 1:15 tracffkicking
women's resistance to armed conflict 2-4 church center
religeion church 8th 1:15 pm
strengthen rights 11th floor church 1:00
poverty and violence 2:00 tomorrow church 11th
globalization/education panel 1:15 tomorrow dag-hamaeeer
report for consultation of the meeting beign put together
ngo initiative papaer by women action.

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