Subject: Re: つくる会>日本 NGO レポート Web 掲載
From: lalamaziwa <>
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 15:14:28 +0900
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ぜひ の存在を広めてください。


# 英文広報は末尾に掲載、こちらも転載よろしくお願いします!

Womenwatch (国連女性部局の共同Website)の管理者のマリッサさんから..

	This is great news!!


Isis International-Manila の情報部門のスタッフで、AWORC (Asian Women's
Resource Exchange) のコーディネータもしているチャットさんから...

	Congratulations for such impressive work. I think you must be 
	the first to come up with an NGO alternative report.
	Please extend my greetings to other Japanese women we know who 
	have been part of this process.


韓国の淑明女子大学に本部を置くAPWINC (Asia Pacific Women's Network Center)

	You've done a wonderfrul job!  Japanese site will be a model 
	to other sites to prepare for women2000.
	Kio Chung

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 From: lalamaziwa <>
 Subject: Japan NGO Alternative Report Online

Dear everyone,

Women's group around the globe is working towards preparation of 
an Global NGO Alternative Report as a shared input for Beijing+5 
- the Special Session of the UN General Assembly entitled 
"Women 2000: Gender Equality, Development and Peace for the
Twenty-First Century" (5-9 June 2000, at UN Headquarters, New York) 

The NGO process called for preparation of NGO Alternative report
in a bottom up manner from the nations - subregion - regon then 
up to a global one.

Such process has also taken place in Japan since April this year, 
and Japan NGO Alternative Report has been launched on 13th August.

The report was prepared by a dozen coordinators who are participating 
in "Japan NGO Report Preparatory Committee" set up for this purpose
in conjunction with networks of women's organizations working in 
each critical areas of concern.

Now the text is available on Web for your viewing. Please do visit 
this site.

Few of the reports are not yet put online for technical compatibility
reasons, but will be up there soon! English translation of summaries 
of the report will also be made available online shortly.

fem-net, Women 2000 team

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