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ンを準備している中で、Holy See (バチカン) の国連参加資格を強化する方向で



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Can Your Organization Endorse The "See Change" Campaign?

Join The "See Change" Campaign-Change The Holy See's Status At The United

We are very nearly overwhelmed with the support we have received for The
"See Change" Campaign - the international effort to change the Vatican's
status at the United Nations. However, as we prepare for our first delivery
of postcards to the UN, we want to give organizations another chance to
endorse the campaign.

As I write, the Vatican, conservative Catholic groups, and their
anti-women's rights supporters are making preparations to disrupt the
upcoming five-year review of government implementation of the Beijing
Declaration and Platform for Action (Beijing +5). As you know, the Platform
was adopted in 1995 by 189 countries at the Fourth World Conference on Women
in Beijing and reflects an international commitment to equality, development
and peace for women all over the world. The Vatican and its allies, however,
refer to the Platform as "one of the most radical and dangerous documents
you can imagine."

Five years ago at Beijing, the Vatican used its status at the UN to water
down proposals that favored women's equality and autonomy. And Vatican
supporters today are actively recruiting like-minded people to lobby
delegates at the review meetings to help further the Vatican's anti-woman

Help us ensure that the Vatican and the UN hierarchy hear loud and clear
that the Vatican's special UN status is not acceptable.

To see a full list of current endorsers, go to
<> and to sample a selection of
the formidable amount of press coverage the campaign has generated so
far, go to <>.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to call us at (+1 202)
986-6093 or email us at for further information on how
you can support us in the coming days.

Best wishes,

David Nolan
Campaign Manager

What is The "See Change" Campaign?
Hundreds of organizations and thousands of people worldwide have initiated a
campaign to change the status of the Roman Catholic church at the United
Nations. Concerned that the church has flown in under UN radar by calling
itself the Holy See, we have called on the Secretary-General to review the
church's current status as a Non-Member State Permanent Observer.  We
believe that the Holy See, the government of the Roman Catholic church,
should participate in the UN in the same way as the world's other religions
do-as a non-governmental organization.

Why Is This Campaign Important?
Religious freedom is endangered
Every other religion with representation at the UN, like the World Council
of Churches, is rightly restricted to an affiliation based on that of other
non-governmental organizations.  In a time when religious fundamentalism
threatens pluralism, tolerance, and women's human rights, the UN must
maintain a clear separation between religious beliefs and international
public policy.
Successfully challenging the Holy See's status will ensure that only
countries decide policy.

Each year 600,000 women die needlessly during pregnancy and childbirth
The UN increasingly makes the decisions that will prevent these deaths. The
Holy See, as a recognized country in the UN, has a powerful voice in these
decisions. It uses this voice to limit access to family planning, safe
abortion even in countries where abortion is legal, and emergency
contraception-even for women who have been raped as an act of war.
Successfully challenging the Holy See's status will save women's lives.

Each year 5.8 million become HIV positive and 2.5 million die from AIDS
Within the UN, the Roman Catholic church attempts to block international
policy decisions that would make condom education and use a major tool in
the prevention of HIV/AIDS.
Successfully challenging the Holy See's status will assist in reversing the
hiv/aids pandemic.

How Can You Support The "See Change" Campaign?
There are many ways to support the campaign. A few ideas are outlined below.

1) Your organization can endorse this campaign and be listed among those
endorsing it by contacting us through 
A list of some of those organizations endorsing the campaign is
available at

2) You can personally sign a postcard via the Internet at Or we would be happy to complete a 
postcard for you if you email us your name, address, phone, and email.

3) You can distribute postcards by contacting David Nolan at The "See Change" postcards (see text below) are
available in English, Spanish, and French-how many could you or your
organization distribute? 100?  500? 1000?

If you can support the campaign please contact either David Nolan by e-mail
at, by phone +1 (202) 986-6093, or by fax +1 (202)

Text of postcard (See also The "See Change" Campaign's Website

Dear Secretary-General Annan,

As a UN Non-Member State Permanent Observer, the Holy See enjoys unique
status, often as a voting partner, with countries at UN conferences.
Granting governmental privileges to what is in reality a religious body is
questionable statecraft.  While the Holy See-the government of the Roman
Catholic church-has made positive contributions through the United Nations
to peace and justice, this should not be used to justify granting the status
of a state to a religious institution.

Governmental participation in the UN should be reserved to actual states.
The world's religions have been well represented through non-governmental
organization status.  With NGO status, the Roman Catholic church would be
able to continue its participation in the UN-like the World Council of
Churches-without ambiguity or privilege.  We call on you to open an official
review of the Holy See's status at the UN.

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Join the "See Change" Campaign -
David Nolan, Senior Associate, Communications and Education
Catholics for a Free Choice, 1436 U Street, NW #301
Washington, DC 20009-3997, USA
T: (202) 986 6093; F: (202) 332 7995;
E: U:

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