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IWTC Women's Globalnet 133
The following new global websites and new campaigns show the continued 
strength and vitality of global women痴 movements:

1. whrNET, a new women's human rights global website, was launched on 13 
November by an international coalition of women's human rights 
organizations. It is part of a project that aims to strengthen advocacy 
for women's human rights through the effective utilization of 
information and communication technologies. This new site is organized 
into the following categories: issues (highlighting facts, relevant web 
links, and the gender dimension of 20 human rights issues); 
advocacy/strategies; news and urgent action alerts; UN/regional systems; 
capacity building: and a Beijing +5 section. Information is provided in 
English, Spanish, and French and whrNET痴 partners in every world region 
constantly update the site with contributions. Other features include 
forums (on-line discussions of relevant issues); resources (a human 
rights resource centre); events (upcoming governmental, UN and NGO 
women's human rights events); and a powerful internal search engine. 
Visit whrNet at:  <> or e-mail them at <> 
or <>.

2.  WomenAction 2000, a global NGO electronic network for Beijing + 5, 
was launched on November 26. Its project goal is to develop a 
communications network and information-sharing strategy that allows 
women in every world region to participate in and impact on the 5 year 
review of the implementation of the 1995 Beijing Platform for Action. 
WomenAction 2000 builds on existing networks and collaborative 
partnerships, and has a pro-active policy to outreach to and work with 
important UN and NGO networks, especially those that are critical to the 
Beijing + 5 review process. WomenAction 2000 has also undertaken the 
facilitation of the WomenWatch online working group on Women and Media. 
Visit the website at <>. 

3. Advocacy related to the Beijing +5 review process is this year's 
theme for the annual "l6 days of Activism Against Gender Violence" 
campaign. The campaign, now in its ninth year, began November 25, 
International Day Against Violence Against Women, and concludes December 
10, International Human Rights Day. The theme of "Fulfilling the Promise 
of Freedom from Violence" highlights actions which can be taken to 
follow-up on governments' commitments to the IV World Conference on 
Women. This annual campaign is used as an organizing strategy by 
individuals and groups around the world to call for the elimination of 
all forms of violence against women. It is coordinated by the Center for 
Women's Global Leadership, which posts information on what groups are 
doing worldwide on their website (under "International Calendar of 
Campaign Activities"). Check it out for an extraordinary overview of 
global activism and for information on how you can get involved in the 
campaign. The Center also makes available a campaign kit with ideas for 
suggested actions for l999, background information on the significance 
of the days, a list of participating organizations, and a bibliography. 
To join in the campaign and/or for more information, contact Linda 
Posluszny at: <> or visit the Center痴 website at 

4. "From the Village Council to the Negotiating Table: Women in 
Peacebuilding" is a global campaign to highlight the role of women in 
peacemaking efforts. One demand of the campaign, which aims to build 
public support for the participation of women in peacebuilding 
initiatives, is that women should make up 30% of all peace missions 
organized under the auspices of the United Nations. For additional 
information or to join in this campaign, contact: 
<> or go to 
<>. For information on new books 
related to this issue, see the most recent issue of the Women, Ink. 
Booklink #10, available on request from <>.

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