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 Subject: Urgent Lobbying Alert/Beijing+5

Dear Colleague:

Beijing+5 is upon us and you are needed in New York from March 6 through
March 17.

Five years ago radical feminists met in Bejing at the Fourth World
Conference on Women. Try as they might, they could not keep out
pro-family forces. They will try again to keep us out, but they will
fail here, too.

The Beijing Platform for Action is one of the most radical and dangerous
documents you can imagine. But the debate leading into it, was even
crazier. It was at Beijing that radical feminists attempted to make
abortion an international human right. They would have used this
document to try and force governments to change their laws protecting
the unborn. Though they were defeated on this point, they will try again
at Beijing+5.

At Beijing they also attempted to have five genders recognized by the
UN. This would have included not just homosexuals, but also those who
have had sex-change operations! This was also defeated.

In the new meeting all this will come up once again. Moreover, they are
taking direct aim at the traditional family. They intend to see that any
coupling under one roof can be recognized just like a man and woman
joined by marriage.

The stakes are incredibly high heading into this final preparatory
committee meeting in New York, March 6 through March 17 (the meeting
actually begins on February 28, but we believe the real activity will
not start until March 6). Radical feminists will be everywhere.
EVERYWHERE. They are already holding meetings all over the world.

We must rise to this challenge! You personally are needed in New York,
even if you have never done this before.

We will accredit you.

We will train you.

We will give you assignments in many different areas, like directly
lobbying diplomats.

This will the experience of a lifetime.

You will work alongside Catholics, Evangelicals, Jews, Muslim, Mormons.
We are the children of Abraham arising to fight for faith and family.

You are being called right now!

Get in touch with me by phone (212) 754-5948, or by email
(, and I will tell you all about this wonderful
adventure. We need 300 people. Are you one?

Yours sincerely,

Austin Ruse
Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute

P.S. Coming to New York is an expensive proposition. Start raising money
now. Go to your Church.
Go to your Bishop. Go to businessmen who are sympathetic to our cause.
Go now.

P.P.S. We especially want young people. They are needed to counter the
radical youth that our opponents pay to come here.

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