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 Subject: Information About Beijing+5

NGOs began a series of brainstorming sessions in March in order to find ways 
to make the best use of their participation in the Special Session and its 
preparations.  Since then, the Conference of NGOs in Consultative 
Relationship with the United Nations (known as CONGO for short) has convened 
a planning process with a variety of NGO partners.  CONGO is an international 
membership federation of NGOs holding consultative status at the UN, which 
seeks to assist all NGOs to have an effective voice in UN conferences and 

The following framework has evolved for ensuring NGO input from around the 
world into planning for Beijing+5.

1.  A 15-30 member NGO Coordinating Committee will function as the primary 
decision making body, and include representatives of CONGO, the three CONGO 
Committees on the Status of Women (CSW) in New York, Geneva and Vienna, 
regional groups, large networks and issue-based caucuses.  Regional NGO 
representatives for the Committee will emerge in conjunction with regional 
preparatory meetings.

2.  A smaller NGO Organizing Subcommittee will be responsible for day-to-day 

3.  "NGOs for Women 2000," a large and growing group of NGO representatives 
>from around the world will participate on an ad hoc basis to put ideas and 
work into the review process, and will convene periodically in New York and 
other sites.

Over the next months, the NGO Coordinating Committee will reach out to NGOs 
around the world with information about new developments in the Beijing+5 
process, and opportunities for NGO participation and input.  In the meantime, 
the Committee offers the following key items for NGO attention and action.

Many interested NGO representatives may not be able to attend the PrepCom and 
Special Session.  However, there are important activities in home countries 
that they should undertake for the Beijing+5 process to be a success.
1.  NGOs should ensure that NGO representatives are on official government 
delegations.  This is a crucial avenue for NGO input.
2.  NGOs should ensure that only expert and committed government 
representatives are sent to the PrepCom and Special Session.
3.  NGOs should advocate with their governments to play a serious, informed 
and constructive role in the Beijing+5 review.  Governments need to know that 
people at home are watching.

There will not be an NGO Forum to parallel the official Beijing+5 Special 
Session as there was at the government conference in 1995.  However several 
NGO strategy and information events are being planned in advance of both the 
PrepCom and Special Session for NGOs.  These will be open to NGOs that are 
able to attend the official meetings.  We will send out more detailed 
information on these meetings as it becomes available.
1.  On Saturday 26 February 2000, the NGO Committees on the Status of Women 
will hold a half-day training/orientation session for NGOs planning to 
participate in the PrepCom.  A repeat training will likely be held on Sunday 
5 March.
2.  On Sunday 27 February, the Committees will also hold a one-day 
introductory consultation to lay the groundwork for substantive NGO input 
into the PrepCom session
3.  NGOs for Women 2000 is likely to hold a half-day strategy session on 
Sunday 5 March.
4.  On Friday and Saturday 2-3 June 2000, the Coordinating Committee will 
convene an NGO Working Session to prepare for the Special Session.

NGOs wishing to attend the PrepCom must either (1) have consultative status 
with ECOSOC, or (2) have attended the Beijing government conference in 1995 
in addition to having already applied for ECOSOC status.

For the purpose of registration for the PrepCom, there are three groups of 
1.  Non-Beijing NGOs with ECOSOC status are automatically invited to the 
session.  Contact ECOSOC NGO Section if you wish to send representatives in 
addition to your annual representatives.  Contact: Michele Federoff at Fax 
(1-212) 963-9248.
2.  Beijing-accredited NGOs with ECOSOC status.  Contact Koh Miyaoi at the 
Division for the Advancement of Women at Fax (1-212) 963-3463, if you wish to 
send representatives in addition to your annual representatives.
3.  Beijing-accredited NGOs who have applied for but not yet received ECOSOC 
status.  Contact Koh Miyaoi at the Division for the Advancement of Women at 
Fax (1-212) 963-3463, for registration arrangements.
No invitation letter was sent to NGOs in the first group.

NGOs wishing to attend the Special Session must have consultative status with 
ECOSOC, or have attended the Beijing government conference (but need not have 
applied for ECOSOC status).  At this time, no invitations or registration 
forms have been sent out for the Special Session in June.

NGOs without ECOSOC status that participated only in the NGO Forum in Huairou 
may not attend the PrepCom or Special Session.

The CONGO office cannot register NGO participants.  For more information, see 
the contact guidelines listed above. 

For panel discussions or other informational events, NGOs may contact: 
1.  the CONGO office to request space at the Church Center (across the street 
>from the UN).  Requests must be made in writing to CONGO (address below) via 
mail or fax, and should include the following information: (1) type of event; 
(2) an assurance that it will be open to the public; (3) an estimate of the 
number of attendees; (4) brief information on hosting organization(s); and 
(5) preferred date and time.  CONGO will do its best to accommodate all 
requests, but has limited space with which to work.
2.  the Division for the Advancement of Women (DAW) with requests for United 
Nations facilities.  Please bear in mind that attendance at meetings within 
the United Nations is limited to NGOs accredited to the PrepCom/Special 
Session and will not be open to the public. Fax DAW at (1-212) 963-3463.

For more information contact:

Sudha Acharya, Beijng+5 Focal Point
Janice Fett                     
Tel: (1-212) 986-6117                   
Fax: (1-212) 687-7352


Rebecca Nichols, Executive Director
Tel: (1-212) 986-8557
Fax: (1-212) 986-0821

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