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 Subject: Fwd: Optional Protocol to the CEDAW Convention

For your information.  This is open to all NGO representatives with valid UN 

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Subject: Optional Protocol to the CEDAW Convention
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Dear friends and colleagues,
As you all know, the General Assembly adopted on 6 October the Optional Protocol
to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of  Discrimination against
Women.  The OP will be opened for signature on 10 December 1999, Human Rights
Day, here at UN Headquarters.  We expect that some 14 States will sign the OP
that day.  A signature ceremony  will take place at 12:00 o'clock noon in the
Trusteeship Council Chamber.  To mark the occasion, a panel discussion will take
place  at 3:00pm in the ECOSOC  Chamber.   The Secretary-General will make an
opening statement at the Panel discussion, and Ms. Angela E.V. King will be the
moderator.  Panelists are: Ms. Aida Gonzalez Martinez, Chair of the CEDAW
Committee,  Ms. Aloisia Worgetter, Chair of the OP Working Group, the Hon.
Sujata Manohar, former Judge of the Supreme Court of India, Ms. Fauzija
Kassindja of Equality Now, and Mr. Waly Bacre Ndiaye, Director of the NY Office
of the High  Commissioner for Human Rights.

You are all cordially invited to attend these two events.   Please refer to the
UN Journal for any last minute changes in the rooms.
 We look forward to the participation of all those who have worked hard to make
this Optional Protocol a reality.
With best regards,
Christina Brautigam
Division for the Advancement of Women

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