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以下の情報EAWF in Taiwanに関心ある方々にお知らせ下さい。

Dear sisters,

Greeting from Taiwan!

Enclosed please find the tentative schedule of  the 4th East Asian 
Women's Forum & the Worshop Sessions.

Kindly give us your comments for the preparing process.  Looking 
forward to your any opinions.

With best wishes & Merry Christmas.

Ruth Kao
coordinator of the 4th East Asian Women's Forum in Taiwan

The 4th East Asian Women's Forum
September 4-7, 2000 Taipei, Taiwan

Program of the Forum (at The Chien Tan Overseas Youth Activity Center)

Monday, September 4
01:00 p.m.  Registration
06:00 p.m.  Opening Ceremony:
            Welcome Dinner and Taiwan Cultural Night (Grand Hotel)

Tuesday, September 5
07:30 a.m.  Breakfast (Chien Tan Restaurant)
08:30 a.m.  Plenary Session (Auditorium)
            Opening Address
09:00 a.m.  Keynote Address
10:00 a.m.  Break
10:30 a.m.  Country and Regional Presentations
            (12 min. each, Present women's development in last two 
12:30 a.m.  Lunch
 2:00p.m    Workshop (I)
 4:00p.m.   Break
 4:30p.m.   Workshop (I)
 6:30p.m.   Dinner
 8:00p.m.   International Cultural Night

Wednesday, September 6
07:30 a.m.  Breakfast
08:30 a.m.  Sub-theme (1) and (2)
10:00 a.m.  Break
10:30 a.m.  Workshop (II)
12:30 a.m.  Lunch
02:00 p.m.  Workshop (II)
04:00 p.m.  Break
04:30 p.m.  Workshop (II)
06:30 p.m.  Dinner
08:00 p.m.  Taiwan Women's Experience(Optioned)

Thursday, September 7
07:30 a.m.  Breakfast
09:00 a.m.  Plenary "Outcome of the Workshops, Recommendation and 
            Closing Ceremony
11:30 p.m.  Press Conference
12:30 p.m.  Lunch
02:00 p.m.  Field Trip

Workshop Sessions:

1. Women and Development
  --Women and Economy
  --Women and Social Development
  --Single Mother
  --Elderly Women

2. Women and Education
  --Women and Life space
  --Women's Sex Education
  -- Women and Gender

3. Women and Health
  -- AIDS and HIV
  -- Reproductive technology
  -- Medical Research and "bioscience-prospecting"

4. Women and Human Rights
  --Violence against Women
  --Migrant Women
  --Indigenous Women
  --Foreign Marriage
  --Trafficking in Women
  --Differently able Women

5. Women and Peace
  --Armed Conflict Women
  --Comfort Women

6. Women in power and Decision Making

7. Women and Culture
  --Heritage of Indigenous People

8. Women and the Environment
  --Nuclear Power and Women
  --Green Consumerism
  --Protection of the Ecological

9. Youth Forum

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