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 From: Lin Pugh <pugh@IIAV.NL>
 Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 17:32:41 +0200
 Subject: European WomenAction 2000

I would like to inform you of the following:

Join us on the web ! 
European Women in Action for 2000

The European WomenAction 2000 website will go live on November 17th,
1999. It will provide European women's organizations with a platform for
strategizing around the Beijing Platform of Action review process. The
website is hosted and managed by the International Archives of the
Women's Movement (IIAV).  Partners in the project are the Karat
Coalition, a network of women's NGOs in Eastern and Central Europe, the
European Women's Lobby (EU countries), Les Peneopes (France), US Women
Connect (USA), FAFIA (Canadian Feminist Alliance for International
Action) and le Centre de documentation sur l'education des adultes et la
condition feminine CDEACF (Canada). 

In June 2000, the United Nations will review the agreements made at the
4th World Conference on Women held in 1995 in Beijing. This is the
so-called Beijing + 5 review. The Platform for Action identified 12
Critical Areas of Concern for women's advancement and empowerment:
Poverty, Education & Training, Health, Violence, Armed Conflict, Economy,
Decision Making, Institutional Mechanisms, Human Rights, Media and 

The European WomenAction 2000 website is a space to collaboratively
prepare and strategize for reviewing the results of agreements made in
the Beijing Platform for Action, to read the alternative national
reports prepared by NGOs in Europe, to hold critical discussions, to
find other organizations with whom to lobby in the months leading up to
June 2000 and to search for relevant literature.  Through a specially
designed IIAV database of websites you can link in to the national
Beijing + 5 platform in your own country.  Use the website in the most
effective way for your organisation: its value is your contribution to

European WomenAction 2000 is part of a global network, initiated by
women's information and communication organisations in March this year,
to create a strong exchange of strategies and ideas in the months
leading up to the UN review meeting in New York, in June 2000. The
Global WomenAction 2000 network now has websites in Asia, Africa, Europe,
North America and soon in Latin America. The focus of the Global
WomenAction 2000 website ( will be on advocating
women's greater access to information technologies (Section J of the
Beijing platform for Action). All discussion groups, on all critical
areas of concern and other subjects, on each regional website can be
accessed through the global site.  It too will 'go live'  on November

Les Peneopes will broadcast a live interactive television programme at
20.30 on 17 November as part of the European WomenAction 2000 launch.
Participate in the launch through the chatroom of the website at You can discuss issues in
the critical areas of the Platform for Action, you can post information.

Write to ; 
Lin Pugh, IIAV, Obiplein 4, 1094 RB Amsterdam tel: +31-20-6651318 

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