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Mary Jo Aagerstoun という人が Women in Black アートプロジェクト
たり殺されたという女性にかかわる写真や文章を 年末までに募集して


>From: Mary Jo Aagerstoun 
Subject: [womenact] Re: Cross the Lines:Women Peacemakers
Program newsletter
Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2001 17:28:34 -0500 (EST)


Thank you so much for sending me the IFOR newsletter that had
all the contact information for various organizations. I
assume you sent these to me to help in the Women in Black Art
Project 2002 which I have written about to many organizations.
I am not sure how you got my name, but I am glad of it! Just
in case, here are the particulars of the Women in Black Art
Project 2002 which we are putting together, and for which we
need URGENTLY (no later than Dec. 30, 2001!) photographs and
texts related to women who have been imprisoned, tortured or
killed for their work in behalf of peace, human and women's

To summarize the project:

The project is in three parts: The first involves the
development of three costumes by artist Robin Masi. The
costumes will consist of discarded wedding dresses, painted
black, large black hats and heavy black veiling and black
gloves. The costumes will be photocollaged, black on black,
with images and texts. Each costume has a theme. One will
honor Afghan women's struggles. One will honor the
organization Women in Black, which has been conducting vigils
for peace since 1988 in more than 30 countries worldwide (they
were nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize this year). And the
third will honor the history of women's activism
internationally in behalf of peace, and women's and human
rights. This last dress will especially feature photos and
names of women who have been imprisoned, tortured or killed
for their work for peace and rights.

The second aspect of the project will involve deploying the
dresses in vigil before major buildings and monuments in
Washington, DC. They will be worn in the vigils by members of
the feminist dance troupe Sister's Trousers, and the vigils
photodocumented by well-known photojournalist Catherine Karnow.

The third aspect will be exhibition and travel of both the
costumes and the photos of the Washington vigils. We have
applied to be included in Meridian International's traveling
exhibition of art by US artists in response to 9-11, which
will open in February in Washington DC and travelto a number
of locations in the US and internationally over the next year.
We expect to hear within the next few days if we have been
included. If we are not included, we will seek another way to
exhibit and travel the costumes and the photodocumentation of
them in vigil. An important part of the exhibition stage of
the project will be the deployment of the costumes in vigil by
members of the Women in Black organization in the cities where
they are exhibited, internationally. Photodocumentation of
these vigils will be done by the local groups.

Please contact me immediately if you can provide photos or
texts related to any of the three costume themes: Afghan
women's struggle, Women in Black demonstrations since 1988,
and especially photos of women involved in peace and human
rights activism around the world who have been imprisoned,
tortured or killed. Again, we need these photos URGENTLY, no
later than DECEMBER 30, 2001.

Any referrals to potential sources of funding will also be
welcome. We are all participating gratis, but we need some
funding to pay for materials and for processing and printing
photographs and framing them.

Thank you for any help you can provide!


Mary Jo Aagerstoun

Mary Jo Aagerstoun

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