Subject: [fem-events 1628] ユネスコ、社会教育世界会議(バンコク)
From: 國信潤子 <>
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 08:40:08 +0900 (JST)
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                   |    お知らせ & イベント    |
                   └――─ ―――┘

ユネスコ、社会教育世界会議(CONFINTEA V+6 
於 バンコク)

ユネスコ、社会教育世界会議(於 バンコク)が
ンブルグ )に各自英語にて連絡よろしく。
Hello Everyone, 
We have some announcements and notifications regarding the
CONFINTEA Conference. 
1. For those interested in attending the Confintea V
Review in Bangkok, September 6-11, we have some
information from UIE (the Unesco Institute of Education)
which is organising the event. Any organization wishing to
attend the CONFINTEA conference (on their own costs) is
most welcome. There is no formal deadline for
registration, but the sooner the registration is done, the
better, of course. 
The procedure is that UIE will send a formal letter of
invitation to any organization interested in
participating. NGOs who want to participate as
(self-financed) observers should write directly to UIE c/o
Bettina Boychnek, providing their particulars such as name
of the organisation and full postal address: 
It may be difficult, though, for UIE to make the hotel
reservations because their pre-reserved rooms are filling
up rapidly, so do bear that in mind.
2. This is to remind everyone that the deadline for the
comments/  on our draft paper is drawing near. The
deadline for receiving them is the 15th of August, Friday.
Those of you who have not responded as yet, and would like
to do so, please send your inputs by this date. 
With best wishes to all, 
Amit Mitra

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