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August 13th
NGO Report Launching
* Advance purchase order for Print Version of "Japan Alternative NGO Report" accepted.

August 10th
* Native check for English text completed

July 30th
Fifth Committee Meeting (participated by 15 Bangkok participants)
* Update members of East Asia Conference (Seoul) and Asia Pacific NGO Symposium (Bangkok).
* Final coordination towards completion of NGO Report.

July 25th
* Final text of NGO report assembled

July 18th
Fourth Committee Meeting
* Overall discussion on NGO Report drafts attended by over 50 individuals.
* Asia Pacific NGO Symposium participants forms a Task Force

June 25th
Third Committee Meeting
* Coordination on NGO Report, content and format

June 11th-12th
* Participation in Asia Pacific NGO Symposium Planning Meeeting (Michiko Nakamura, Representative)
* Report in English
* Report in Japanese

May 8th, Saturday, 18:20-20:45
Second Committee Meeting
* Report Coordinators for 12 Critical Areas of Concern identified. The preparatory process begins to move on in association with existing networks of women's movement in Japan.

April 18th, 14:00-16:10
First Committee Meeting
* Discussion on preparation process and format for the NGO Report. Agreement reached on a direction to identify Report Coordinators for 12 Critical Areas of Concern.

April 1999
Call for establishment of "NGO Report Preparatory Committee"
|   History   |   Plans   |

August 17th-18th
Presentation of the Japan NGO Report and participation in East Asia sub-regional meeting, Seoul (Funabashi, Hashimoto)

August 24th
6th Committe Meeting
* Preparation for Bangkok.

August 31st - September 4th
Participation in Asia-Pacific NGO Symposium, Bangkok (30 members)

September 12th
Public symposium to report back on "Asia-Pacific NGO Symposium"

October 26th-29th
Participation in "ESCAP High Level meeting" as part of the Regional NGO Task Force.

Year 2000

February 28th - March 17th
Preparation of "Global Alternative NGO Report" during 44th Session of CSW (UNHQ, New York)

June 3rd - 4th
Launching of "Global Alternative NGO Report" in NGO a NGO Meeting in New York

July 5th -9th
Participate in lobbying for inclusion of "Global Alternative NGO Report" contents at the Beijing+5 - UN Special Session of the General Assembly entitled "Women: 2000: Gender Equality, Development and Peace for the Twenty-First Century" (UN Headquarters, New York)

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