APWSL Japan Committee


Linking Workers in the Asian and Pacific Regions

What is APWSL?

APWSL stands for Asian Pacific Workers Solidarity Links. It is an independent, grassroots network of trade unionists and labor activists in the Asia-Pacific region. Its purpose is to facilitate and promote genunine trade unionism in the countries of the region and international links between them. APWSL country chapters are independent of any government or political party. Their activities include planning and hosting workers` exchange programs and publicizing appeals for support in labor struggles throughout the region

The History of APWSL

The predecessor organization to APWSL, Asian Workers Solidarity Links (AWSL), was founded in 1981 with support from the Asian Cultural Forum on Development (ACFOD), a Christian soci development and human rights foundation based in Bangkok. In 1996, at the triennial General Meeting held in Nepal, APWSL became formally independent from ACFOD, although relations remain close since the Secretariat is still based in Bangkok.