ISSUE 6 June 1999

Solidarity Greetings!

This is the sixth Issue of APWSL News 1999. It is a hard time for working class all over the world but I think through collective struggle the working class will win the fight against the forces who are denying to giving the workers rights which will be given by the labour law. We think that the collective action of the working class would be more successful. Any comments from you would be welcome.

Project Proposal

HIVOS Contract has arrived at ACFOD. They will send it to me for signing.

APWSL Secretariat Meeting

APWSL Secretariat meeting will be held in Bangkok, Thailand on 10-12 July 1999.

In ACFOD Office.


APWSL Japan Annual General Body Meeting will be held on 17-18th July 1999 they invited Ms. Lee, East Asian Regional Coordinator from Korea for the AGM meeting.

The main objectives of this year's AGM meeting are given bellow:

APWSL Aotearoa / New Zealand

Five members of the Postal Workers Union from Aotearoa/New Zealand spent 10
days in Japan at the invitation of the Zenrokyo Postal Workers Union and the
Japan Postal Workers Network in late April and early May. APWSL Aotearoa member and postal workerJohn Maynard coordinated the group. In Japan APWSL Member Yamasaki Seiichi was coordinated.
Postal workers in Japan organized this visit and were very generous in the fund-raising, they did not themselves to assist the visit. APWSL Japan network also assisted to providing a transport as well as the interpreting facility. The visit of APWSL New Zealand group consisting five postal workers follows a series of exchange visits over the last three years. Visit provide them an opportunity to share their experience in daily life, know about the working conditions as well as the culture and history of Japan.

APWSL Aotearoa / New Zealand

With the assistance of the Asia Monitor Resource Center APWSL Aotearoa also visited Hong Kong and met with postal workers, the Hong Kong Council of Trade Unions (HKCIC APWSL group) in Hong Kong. Toy Workers Campaign at the Hong Kong Christian Industrial Commission, the Committee for Asian Women and the Young workers participated.

Visit to Japan demonstrated the unique character of APWSL in being able
to bring workers from different countries together to build awareness with each
other's. Build understanding, friendship, discuss the strategies for workers' action with
spirit of all genuine grass root International workers solidarity.

APWSL Pakistan

APWSL Pakistan / APTUF/ WWO with other trade unions federations jointly hold a picket in front of Parliament House against high price of 15% of Petrol and other essential commodities. Workers raising a slogans against the Government policies and criticize government to stop taking a dictation from IMF/World Bank. Hundreds of Women workers / male workers took part in this picket. They demanded, stop discrimination against the workers, Increase workers salaries immediately, and Stop sexual harassment on workplace against women. Abolish black laws against women. Abolish Anti Terrorist law immediately.


Action Alert letters and solidarity support letters were very useful for workers who are struggling for their rights. It is a very easy way to pressurize the owner and the government to stop injustice and discrimination in factories as well as in the society. Solidarity support gives more courage to the workers as well as trade unions to strengthen them on one Plat form.

Coordinator’s Work

At the moment I am busy for the preparation of APWSL Secretariat meeting. And planning to visit Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan. Philippine to meet APWSL groups, make new contacts with trade unions, women activists to more strengthen the APWSL in Asia Pacific. I am also busy for the preparation to organize women conference with the help of APWSL National Group WWO / APTUF. Later on we will inform you the venue and the dates of the conference and Invite you to join us on this unmemorable event.


Rubina Jamil


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