ISSUE 5                                                                                                             May 1999

Solidarity Greetings!

This is the fifth Issue of APWSL News 1999. I got APWSL News only from Malaysia and New Zealand. As you know globalization and privatization was taking place in all over the Asia Pacific as well as in the world. Workers retrenched their jobs, plants are closing day by day, unemployment rate become higher and higher. A part of APWSL and being a trade unionists and activists from 15 countries it is the responsibility of us to share and exchange the activities with each other and make collective actions to stop the imperialist forces attack. Wish our networking would be more strengthen in future. Any feedback would be welcome.

Project Proposal

Robert Inform me on May 12, 1999 that HIVOS had accepted the APWSL Project Proposal.

APWSL Secretariat Meeting

I have contacted many times to Philippine APWSL group regarding Secretariat meeting, but no response was given to them, than I contacted Robert Reid, he also was not been able to maintained contact in Philippine group, than he told me to come to New Zealand for Secretariat meeting. Now Robert suggest me that Secretariat meeting will be held in Bangkok in July 1999.

APWSL Malaysia

On 15th May last Saturday Harris Advanced Technology Union, in Malaysia staged a picket line in front of Harris Factory gates for their demands thousands of women workers were participated.
The union held a picket line on May 15th 1999. to draw the attention of the Harris Management for the demands of the union and its members. They demanded
that Harris Management immediately start negotiations with the union is leading to a collective agreement but Management was not responding to the Union demands. Collective agreement which have been PENDING FOR THE
Mr. Bruno, Secretary, Harris Advanced Technology Union is working on web page and busy to put the whole issue of HAT on Web Page. Later on Malaysian APWSL group inform us about the web Side.

APWSL Aotearoa

APWSL Wellington members of the Postal Workers Union completed their Exchange program to Japan and Hong Kong came back to New Zealand. Later on they send a detail report. They had a meeting with postal workers and union leaders in Japan and also participated in May Day rally for the support of 61 postal workers sacked on 20 years ago. In Hong Kong group had a meeting with postal workers and others who were involved in workers issues in Hong Kong.

APWSL Pakistan

On May 22,1999. APWSL / APTUF / WWO Pakistan Organized a Protest Rally against the rise of petroleum prices and increasing the inflation rate. More than 400 workers including a large number of women workers from different industrial area were participated.

Peace Rally Organized on May 27, 1999

APWSL / APTUF organized a picket line on 27th of May against the Indian Pakistan Nuclear Bomb Explosion Day. Government celebrated this Day on 28th of May.Different industrial areas workers, including, Pakistan Railways, Eagle Cycle Factory, Wyeth-Lederle Pharmaceutical, Garment workers, Brick Kilns, and home based workers were participated. The processionist picked a play cards infront of the Punjab Assembly and chanting a slogans against the government nuclear policy, slogans are "We want Peace not bomb, " We want bread, not bomb’ We want peace in this region, as well as all over the world. " We want Employment Not bomb".

Action Alert & Protest Letters