ISSUE 2                                                                                                                February 2000

Solidarity Greetings!

Greetings from APWSL-Pakistan. International Women Day is taking place on 8th of March.

Within sounds of new millennium and tremendous noise of expecting prosperity and bright future, women around the world are victimized of inequality, discrimination, social norms, mental and physical violence. But in spite of all constrains and barrier women are struggling hard to achieve equal and respectable status in their Societies admirable thing is that women understand that solidarity and collective resistance is one way to
get as well as protect their rights within the globalization. 8th March the day when women show their solidarity each other's and assure each other's their firm support with their fight back against exploitation. This is the day, which demand us to take a look our previous efforts and reorganize our energies for moving on our struggle in the direction of getting our goals. Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day with join hands.

APWSL Japan:

There was a meeting of "Committee for Promoting the National Federation of Industrial Unions" of Taiwan. They invited the representative of Zenrokyo (National Confederation of Trade Unions) and Zenrokyo send Mr. Yamahara of the Osaka General Union as its representative. Mr. Watnabe of APWSL Japan attended the meeting too. Delegation of KCTU, Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Union and KMU were also present. "The Committee" is composed of 15 regional and industrial unions representing 250,000 workers and planning to form a new national center in early 2000. It is a new development of the trade union movement in Taiwan and we are glad that both of the APWSL groups are actively committed to it.

During the trip, Yamahara and Watanabe met many trade union groups and activists there and explained about APWSL. Many of them got interested.

Year 2000 APWSL Japan sent 10 members to Taiwan in one of our "Alternative Tour" Programs. They stayed for 5 days and met many groups. They visited the site of the earthquake. As some of the members were directly involved in organizing the victims of the Hanshin Earthquake five years ago, they had very important exchange of the experiences. We had also very interesting exchanges on supporting migrant workers, the situation of car industries and the workers response the issues of public services including garbage-collecting etc. Young activists working for "The Committee for Promoting the FIU" helped to arrange the trip in cooperation with LRA and ICLE. It was a very successful trip of exchange and solidarity.

APWSL Japan: National Executive Meeting

APWSL Pakistan:

APWSL /Working Women Organization Pakistan is Celebrating 8th March International Women’s Day in Lahore. APWSL five district committees are also participating on this event.

APWSL Regional Coordinating Team Meeting:

APWSL regional coordinating team meeting will be held in April 4, 2000 in Bangkok, Thailand, later on I will send you the venue of the meeting. I would like to inform all Sub-Regional Coordinators as well as Robert Reid (Convenor), Elizabeth Lombos (Convenor) to make their papers and prepare themselves to participate in this important meeting. After RCT meeting APWSL Secretariat meeting is held in same place in which APWSL Convenors and Coordinator will participate. All Sub-Regional Coordinators inform me as early as possible about their participation in RCT meeting.

Coordinator Visit:

As I informed you that I have a plan to visit Philippine before RCT meeting. If I get the Philippine visa than I will be there on 28th of March, 2000. In Philippine I would like to meet Angel Mendoza, APWSL East Asia Sub-Regional Coordinator, Elizabeth Lombos, APWSL Convenor, KMU, Gabriella, Labour Resource Center and some other NGO’s who are working on women and workers Issues.

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