ISSUE 9                                                                                                 September 1999

Solidarity Greetings!

Greetings from Pakistan. This is the ninth issue of APWSL news 1999. Thanks for sending me the information about workers situation in Asia Pacific Countries. These information we published in Workers Action & Action Alert. As you know workers struggle as well as sending Protest letters and International Solidarity Fine Lanka Luggage (Pvt) Ltd. workers got victory.

Coordinator visit to Australia:

APWSL Coordinator visited Australia from 5th September to 15th September 1999. The main objective of the visit to learn about the Australian labour movement, building the movement and chalkout strategies and tactes being used to face the economic crisis, build networking with union and introduce APWSL aims & objective as well to see the impact of privatization and globalization on working class.

Melbourne: Meetings with Trade Unionists & Workers

Australia Asia Workers Links was the host organization. AAWL organized a meeting with Mr. Leigh Hubbard, Secretary Victorian Trades Hall Council, Mr. Jim Murie Assistant State Secretary CEPU Engineering & Electrical Division WA. Len Cooper Branch Secretary CEPU, Mr. Alan Matheson, International Officer Australian Council of Trade Unions, Ms. Michele O’Neil, Assistant Secretary Textile Clothing & Footwear Union in Australia. And had very informative discussion with them. In future we will more strengthen our communication and solidarity with each other. Australian Trade Union is very much busy to organize demonstration and rally’s for Free East Timor. I attended an East Timor’s rally in Melbourne.

APWSL Group organized a meeting in AAWL office, more than 20 peoples were participated and discussed about APWSL Exchange visit to Korea as well as how we strengthen the APWSL activities in Australia. In meeting friends give a brief report to come back to East Timor visit and how the young group and trade unions are mobilizing against the military regression.


Rob Lambert, Regional Coordinator Southern Initiative on Globalization & Trade Union Rights & Professor of Organization and Labour Studies Nedlands and Ian Thompson, Branch Secretary Community & Public Sector Union are the Host organization with the help of these friends I met Mr. John, Mr. Kevin Reynolds, Secretary Construction, Mining, Energy Workers union. Mr. Joe McDonald one of the union organizer organized big meetings in two Construction areas I speak on this occasion with workers about the globalization and its impact on working class in Pakistan and Asia Pacific and how we will work together in future to defeat the boss and government attack on working class. I Visited Community and Public Sector Union State Branch and have a very nice discussion with Ms.Tony, Secretary of CPSU and discussed about the issue of working class in Australia and as well as in Pakistan and how we can work together. I had a very fruitful discussion with the Branch Secretary of CPSU and other friends in CPSU.

I did speech on East Timor’s big rally, organized in Perth. More than two thousands trade unionists, workers, as well as general peoples and students participated.

Views about Australia Visit:

Generally the visit of Australia is very helpful to strengthening the working class movement in Pakistan, Australia and as well as in Asia Pacific workers movement. The effect of globalization and privatization on working class of Australia is increasing the Contract labour and part time work. In One CPSU Unions 60% women lost their jobs. New jobs are start on three months or two month’s contracts. Trade unions and working class movement is agitating against the labour laws introduced by John Howard’s government. I submit my visa application for New Zealand in Sydney Australia, APWSL Aotearoa really did a very good job for granting me a visa but unfortunately New Zealand embassy refused me due to my participation of Anti-APEC meeting. They refused to giving the visa I am South Asian and trade unionist and always criticise the government and International Monetary fund policies in my country, Discrimination with South Asian and Asian countries person are very high.

Coordinator received Proposal from APWSL Australia about the Exchange trip to Korea, Korean Group is willing to host the group. But I am waiting the response from ACFOD regarding the Fund for APWSL Exchange visit.

Coordinator’s Work

I came back from Australia to Pakistan and send two Action alerts, News letters as well as general correspondence with APWSL friends and others in Asia pacific. Coordinator and National Facilitator invited by APWSL Islamabad members meeting which will be held on 26 September 1999.

Rubina Jamil


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