Secretariat: 14-N, Industrial Area, Gulberg,Lahore 54660, Pakistan.

APWSL Activity Report – January 2001

APWSL Korea:

APWSL Korea sends Globalization Project Report to Coordinator.

-          Convey the solidarity and congratulatory messages to. 
 - Sri Lanka:  1st celebration of Trade Union in Free Trade zone
 - Philippines: Victory of struggle against Estrada regime.

-          Hankook Textile Trade Union in Gumi city made their decision to affiliate with APWSL Korea in February.

-          APWSL Korea Meeting:

-          Held the regular meeting in APWSL Korea in which they evaluate APWSL last year activities.

-          APWSL Korea decided for Sub-regional coordinator to visit Hong Kong and Taiwan to meet APWSL group there and build regular communication with this group to the secretariat, as well as to know the situation of Hong Kong workers and Taiwan workers in the middle in March.    

-          Sophie Kim and Misun   Kim (Medical Mutual-Aid Union for Migrant Workers in Korea, JCMK) were named as the Consultant of APWSL Korea. And they will be the second facilitators of APWSL Korea.

-           - Sophie:\par


Japan: launched the Japan Labor Net,

- Donated struggle aid money to E-LAND Trade Union\par

APWSL Pakistan:

APWSL Pakistan celebrated National Womenfs Day on 12 February in Sialkot city, which is popular for producing soccer balls, mostly women and childrenfs producing the soccer balls and surgical equipments.

On 12th February APWSL Organize Seminar and rally in which more than 2000 female, male and childrenfs were participated.  APWSL Pakistan sends a report of the activity later on.

APWSL Pakistan Meeting:

APWSL Pakistan organize meeting to chalk out APWSL future activities, National Facilitator Gulzar Chaudhry, Aima Mahmood and Rubina Jamil (Coordinator) participated. In the meeting it was decided that APWSL organize International Womenfs Day on 17th of March due to EID festival holidays on March 8th. Committee is form; committee is responsible to select the venue of the meeting and other arrangement.  In the meeting APWSL six months activities also chalk out. 

APWSL Thailand:

APWSL Thailand is planning to visit Australia on the month of March 2001.


Coordinatorfs Work:

Action Alert, Solidarity Messages,

Regular communication with APWSL groups. Regular communication with HIVOS, Workers Action, APWSL Activity Report.

Coordinator and Facilitators travel regularly in Pakistan to form APWSL committees, participating in different programs organize by Minorities and different trade unions and women organizations.

Sending reports, telephonic communication with APWSL groups.

Solidarity Message:

APWSL/ Working Women Organization Pakistan wants solidarity messages from different group before March eight.

Coordinator travel schedule:

APWSL India is organizing AGM meeting in the month of March and may be July so they invites Rubina to participate in the program.

Visit Hong Kong and Taiwan in April 2001.

Visit Thailand and Bangladesh in near future.

In solidarity

Rubina Jamil