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The Year 2000 Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

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The Year 2000 Campaign to Revitalize Grassroots Voices to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

The Year 2000 Campaign aims to appeal to the Japanese government to take the initiative for the abolition of nuclear weapons as well as revitalizing grassroots voices. To this end, we prepared "The 2000 People's Appeal: Toward the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons - Japan's Mission" to be signed by 2000 opinion leaders from various professions. Our representatives have submitted the Appeal to the heads of all the political parties on 31 October, having short meetings to ask for actions to implement the set of demands contained within the Appeal. We will later present the Appeal to the Prime Minister. Now (as of 13 November) the Appeal has 2064 signatories.

The Year 2000 Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
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